Large Log Sorting Table, Power Trust Log Splitter Accessory

Large Log Sorting Table, Power Trust Log Splitter Accessory
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  • Item #: PTE-LST
  • Manufacturer: Power Trust Equipment
  • Condition: New

This is a large, sturdy log sorting table. (Approx. 33 inches x 33 inches) Made to easily attach and remove from the Power Trust 45 ton, Hydraulic Log Lift Splitter. It has openings to allow bark and small pieces of wood to fall through but holds your split pieces with ease. There are 6 inch high sides to keep the logs on the table until your done working. This is a back saver! No more bending over again and again to pick up split pieces to split them a second or third time. No more reach over or walking around to the opposite side of the log splitter to get a large piece that falls to the ground. When you are finished splitting, simply slide your finished pieces off the end. 


If you purchase this for a log splitter other than the Power Trust 45 ton with Hydraulic Log Lift, some modifications may need to be made for it to fit your model of log splitter.

Save $100, buy your sorting table when you purchase your 45 ton Log Splitter, Horizontal with Hydraulic Log Lift.


Click here to go to order your log splitter and sorting table together.

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